Sunglaze Roofing System – the alternative to glass

We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

Sunglaze Roofing System – the alternative to glass

05th Jul 2016

The Sunglaze roofing system comprises of solid polycarbonate sheets with standing seam and aluminium joining bars.  This combination of materials creates a visually stunning finish that is both easy to install, low maintenance and water tight.  It is a great alternative to glass.

Sunglaze solid polycarbonate sheets have a transparency that is similar to glass, and gives a glass-like look that can be used to create key architectural features.  The key differences between glass and polycarbonate are structural requirements, cost and impact resistance. Let’s take a closer look at each of these differences.

Impact resistance

Polycarbonate has very high impact resistance.  It has an impact resistance 200 times that of glass.  In situations where glass breakage may create a health and safety hazard polycarbonate can be a very safe and effective solution.


Glass used for roof glazing is generally quite thick – this means that it will be heavy.  The weight of glass means that the structural requirements for the entire roof system needs to be significantly more robust than for a polycarbonate alternative, this can significantly add to the complexity, time and overall cost of a job.


Put simply, glass is expensive.  Due to the thickness of glass required, structural restrictions and handling and installation requirements, the cost of a glass roof can quickly add up.


Sunglaze sheets can be sourced in a range of colours; clear – for the straight up glass look, tinted grey, transparent white or silvery grey.  With any colour choice the flat polycarbonate provides a beautiful aesthetic that suits a range of applications and styles from an old Queenslander, to a modern home or slick commercial application.

Easy to install

The Sunglaze roofing system is a complete solution. The standing seam on the polycarbonate makes for a strong and watertight join that allows for significant spans.  A simple aluminium joining bar system makes installation a simple and quick saving you both time and money.

Finally, a solution that provides an architectural solution without the price tag of glass. For more information on Sunglaze click HERE.

23 thoughts on “Sunglaze Roofing System – the alternative to glass

  1. Hello
    I would like a quote on the CLEAR FLAT (glass look) panels for a pergola. The areas are – 2.600mts length x 3.700 width. A second area 2.600mts length x 5.200mts length.

    As you don’t have sizes on your site I would like to the costs , and the fittings & attachments needed.
    Could you please quote panels & fittings separtely.

    Thank you


  2. Hi I have a sky light opening of 2500mm by 1370mm. I was looking at installing traffic-able glass over this area, but your product appears to be more fit for purpose. The area is a roof top service area of a multi storey building so would it be able to take the weight of someone if they fell on it or would it need to be screened off

    1. Hi Dan

      Thanks for the email, by law, no ‘plastic’ sheeting is deemed traffic-able. You would need to consult the relevant Australian standard for further info.

      Hope this helps.

      Team PC

  3. Hi. After a clear glass finish for a roof to a 4 m x 6 m pergola. Materials and fitting only. Regards Glenn

  4. Hi I have a curved roof. Can I curve this material ? Where to go and have a look at your products

    1. Hi Hamid

      Yes, Sunglaze can be curved to a minimum radius of 4m. The aluminium joiner would need to be rolled to achieve this.

      Let us know if we can be of further assistance.
      Team PCR

  5. Hi, do you have a contact in Auckland New Zealand for your Polycarbonate Roofing? Thanks.

    1. Hi Debbie
      Just waiting for the manufacturer to let me know if Sunglaze is available in NZ.

      Regards Judy

  6. Hi,
    May I get a quotation of sunglaze clear roofing material and all fittings and joiners that would suit an area of 2.4m x 7.6m. Thanks

  7. Hi,
    We are currently looking to instal a cover for our rear Courtyard area.
    Could you please provide some pricing for the following:
    Dimensions are
    Courtyard – 6.63m Long with a span of 4.76m = 32m2.
    We would be attaching it to a solid brick wall on one side and posts at the other.
    From your site the Sunglaze Roofing System seems our best option, however, open to suggestion.

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your enquiry. Sunglaze is a glass alternative and would be a great option if thats what you are looking for (i.e. the glass look).
      Another alternative that will give you a ‘glass’ look is Ez Glaze.
      I will work out some pricing for you and email you directly.
      Regards Team PCR

  8. hi i am looking at making a greenhouse and which would be the best polycarbonate sheeting for it, please and thankyou

    1. Hi Jennifer

      Thanks for your enquiry.

      Generally the Clear, White Diffused or Opal are the best colours to use on a green house depending on how much heat and light you want coming through the sheet. Commercailly, mostly celar is used. It really depends on what you are growing.
      Price wise the corrugated or greca profiles are the most economical.
      Team PC

  9. Hi,
    I’m interested in the polycarbonate roof, do you also do installations? We’re planning to do a domestic pergola, so which type would be more suitable and would this be a DIY job or will we need a specialist to do the installation for us, as mentioned on your website it’s easy installation.

    1. Hi Shay
      No we don’t do any installations. The different types of sheets will need specific rafter or purlin spacings to install so if the structure is already built you will need to work out what is going to be the best ‘fit’ for your pergola. If you are still to build the structure then decide what sheet you want to use and then construct with the correct rafter or purlin spacings to suit the sheet.
      We can provide installation instructions as required. You don’t have to be an expert but a little handyman experience would be helpful.
      The other thing to consider will be the budget – the Sunglaze Glass alternative is the most expensive of the range. If you would like to email us with the size of the area we can give you a price guide for supply of the materials.
      Regards Team PCR

  10. Hi there,

    We are looking at using your product on a portion of our side pergola. Our primary concern is heat underneath. Which of your products provides the least heat transfer?

    And is your product available to the Newcastle NSW area?

    Kind regards

    Kristin Chalners

    1. Hi Kristin

      Thanks for the email. IN the SUNGLAZE range the Solar Control Grey is the coolest colour. All of the available colours and figures can be found on the brochure on the product page. Please not the Australian stock is limited to colours with * next to them in the Light Transmission column.

      We can certainly supply to Newcastle and have delivery there twice a week for the Sydney warehouse.

      Let us know if we can assist with a quote.

      Team PC

  11. I am looking to replace polycarbonate corrugated gable type pergola roof. The area is not fifer purpose during summer. Is your Sunglaze product a suitable replacement. If not, have you a product that deflects heat and light similar to the Solar Control Grey.

    1. Hi John

      Solar Control Grey aka Diffused Grey is available in a range of products (sunglaze, corrugated sheeting, twinwall and multiwall). There are lots of factors that make up the overall comfort level (relating to heat) of an area. If you have further questions please feel free to give us a call to discuss.

      Team PCR

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We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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