Polycarbonate Garden Shed Kit – FEATURES

Polycarbonate wall and roof

• Very high impact resistance making them virtually unbreakable
• Provide complete UV blockage – keeping your belongings safe from the harsh sun

• UV stabalised materials meaning they will not discolor, fracture or shatter but will maintain there strength and last for many years.

Aluminum Frame system

• Provided a rigid skeleton to the structure

• Free from rust

SkyLight™ Roof – Let the SkyLight in!

• Polycarbonate roof ‘shingle’ panels give natural lighting during the day while still providing privacy and security.

Lockable door

• Can be installed either as a right or left hand door
• provides privacy and security (lock not included).


• Panel vents allow for air flow, keeping the shed cool and reducing any build up of smells.


• anchors included to secure the structure to the ground – increasing its durability and capacity to withstand harsh weather.

Floor Included

• A flooring system (supplied) keeps your things dry and provides an anti slip surface.
• easy access over the low lip.

Polycarbonate Garden Shed Kit – Skylight 1.75m x 1.17 Skillion Roof

Polycarbonate Garden Shed Kit – Skylight 127.5 cm x 88.4 Gable Roof

Polycarbonate Garden Shed Kit – Skylight 175 cm x 110 cm Gable Roof

Polycarbonate Garden Shed Kit – Skylight 151 cm x 175 cm Gable Roof