Feria polycarbonate patio kit – the complete solution to your pergola needs.  They are available in a range of different sizes and can be customised by joining two or more kits with a link kit or by adding extension kits (for smaller extensions).  These polycarbonate pergola kits utilise SUNPAL multiwall polycarbonate sheeting for exceptional strength and protection from UV and weather conditions.  They are available in a range of frame and polycarbonate colours, see below for details.



The Feria pergola kits are made from 8mm Sunpal polycarbonate sheets.  Sunpal is a leading brand in polycarbonate sheeting throughout the world.  Available in a range of sizes and colours to suit your purpose.  Each kit has the ability to take some adjustment to the system to allow for differences in roof pitch and post position. Each pergola can be joined using an ‘ezy link kit’ to truly customise your area and suit almost any application. If you are looking for a bit more shelter you can select an optional side wall kit to fill in the side walls of the structure.

Feria Polycarbonate Patio Kit – available sizes and colours

Sheet Length 3 m Sheet Length 4 m
Structure Size 3 x 3 3 x 4.2 3 x 5.4 4 x 4.2 4 x 1.8 Extension
Product Sketch Image Image Image Image Image
White Frame/Clear Sheet YES YES YES YES YES
Grey Frame/Grey Sheet YES YES YES NO NO
White Frame/White Sheet  YES  YES  NO  NO  NO
Grey Frame/Clear Sheet  YES  YES  NO  NO NO
 All items are adjustable

Adjustable size dimensions

Adjust the starting height of the roof on the wall or fascia (adjust measurement A), adjust the position of the posts away from the wall (adjust measurement B) or adjust the position of the posts along the width of the patio (adjust measurement C).


Feria Polycarbonate Patio kit pergola adjustable

3 m kit options

Join any of the 3 m kits together using the ‘Ezy Link” kit to make any of the following structure sizes:

4 m kit options

Add 1 or more extension kit/s, or use an ‘ezy link’ kit and join two or more kits together to customise the structure size.

Feria Polycarbonate Patio Kit – Product video

Installation Guides

3 x 3

3 x 4.2

3 x 5.4

4 x 4.2

The 4 x 4.2 guide includes instructions on assembling the 1.8 extension (if required). If joining 2 structures together refer to the “ezy link’ kit instructions below.

Ezy Link Kit

Side wall Kit

Feria Polycarbonate Patio Kit – Installation video