Cleaning Polycarbonate Sheets

06th Apr 2022

Cleaning polycarbonate Sheets is not a job that you are likely to do every day. Here are a few tips and tricks to help.

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Laserlite Multiwall Installation Guide with Tips

12th Mar 2021

Here are a few other tips and tricks for planning and installing Laserlite Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheeting.

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Glass Roofing Alternatives

13th Feb 2020

Glass Roofing Alternatives… Want the Glass Roof Look? Love the glass roof look? We do too. However, many people find the cost, structural requirements and regulations around glass for roofing too expensive and hard to navigate. We have a number of solutions for you to consider! EZ-GLAZE A great solution is EZ-GLAZE polycarbonate panels. They…

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Hail resistant polycarbonate sheets

04th Oct 2018

Hail resistant polycarbonate sheets Living in an area that’s prone to hail, or have old sheeting that needs replacement? You should consider the new hail resistant polycarbonate sheets and market leading product BEEHIVE – see the product details here. Hail resistance Generally all polycarbonates by nature have very high impact resistance, however, the characteristics of BEEHIVE…

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Suntuf Sunlite Twinwall Installation guide and tips

24th May 2017

Suntuf Sunlite Twinwall Installation guide and tips See the official installation guide for Suntuf Sunlite Twin wall here, or read on for a few other tips and tricks for planning and installing Suntuf Sunlite Twinwall Polycarbonate Sheeting. Planning your structure All roofing materials require some structure to secure the sheeting to. Suntuf Sunlite is no different.…

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Polycarbonate Sheets longer than 3.6 m

16th Dec 2016

Need long polycarbonate sheeting? Are you searching for profiled polycarbonate sheets longer than 3.6 m? Perhaps you need a twin-wall longer than 3.0 m? We have long polycarbonate sheets. Almost all sheets are available up to a length of 7.2 m, others up to 9.0 or 9.6 m and some up to 11.98 m !!!…

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Polycarbonate Sheeting Sydney – what you need to know

01st Aug 2016

Polycarbonate Sheeting Sydney Polycarbonate Roofing are suppliers of Polycarbonate sheeting in Sydney. We can supply direct to your door from our Sydney warehouse, or you can collect. If your looking for Suntuf, Laserlite, Sunlite, Makrolon, Sunpal, Sunglaze or just about any polycarbonate product we are able to supply it direct from our Sydney warehouse. Climate…

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Suntuf Installation Guide and Tips

18th Jul 2016

Suntuf Installation Guide and Tips Installation of Suntuf is easy when you plan the job right! Just keep our top installation tips in mind before you start to install your new Suntuf product. Fall, pitch or slope? Firstly, fall. A five degree fall is recommended as minimum for ensuring that it does not leak, remains…

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Sunglaze Roofing System – the alternative to glass

05th Jul 2016

Sunglaze roofing system The Sunglaze roofing system comprises of solid polycarbonate sheets with standing seam and aluminium joining bars. This combination of materials creates a visually stunning finish that is both easy to install, low maintenance and water tight. It is a great alternative to glass. Sunglaze solid polycarbonate sheets have a transparency that is…

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Polycarbonate Colours – Choosing the right one

20th Jun 2016

Need help choosing the right colour of polycarbonate roofing? Polycarbonate sheets come in a amazing variety of colours and shades. In this post we will outline a few things you may want to consider when making your colour selection. Polycarbonate Colours: Light = Heat As a general rule, the more light that comes through the…

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