Main Benefits

  • Glass like appearance
  • Simple installation – lap and screw
  • Leak-proof
  • Cost effective
  • Greater hail resistance
  • High wind loads
  • UV protection – blocks 99% of UV radiation


  • Architectural roofing & glazing
  • Commercial and retail roofing
  • Sport facilities – translucent roofing
  • Covered walkways, awnings & entrances
  • Open markets – light roofing
  • Service stations – translucent roofing
  • Parking structure covering
  • Swimming pool covers


EZ-Glaze glass like profiled polycarbonate- Range Specifications

EZ-Glaze glass like profiled polycarbonate panels are the newest product in the range.

Featuring 3 mm thick solid polycarbonate panel – they are a premium product!  They offer the stunning appearance of glass, without the weight, engineering requirements and cost of glass. They simply lap together like a traditional profiled sheet and are screwed to the structure below – for a low cost installation.  They can be utilised on a rafter only design (with rafters @ 600 centers) or installed on purlins.  They offer a cost effective solution, with practical characteristics to make the job easy and visually stunning. Talk to us about options to make your patio look great. Time to upgrade your patio?

EZ-Glaze glass like profiled polycarbonate panels installed on rafters only.

EZ-Glaze Polycarbonate Roofing Glass Alternative


EZ-Glaze glass like profiled polycarbonate panels installed on purlins

EZ-Glaze Colour Options

Things to note

Download the brochure above for the full installation guide lines.


As with all polycarbonates when using screws to secure sheeting all sheets will need to be drilled with an oversize hole to allow for expansion and contraction.