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Product Quick Specs

Developed for the demanding Australian market and conditions, ZENOLEX® is the only flat Polycarbonate sheet produced right here in Australia.

ZENOLEX® offers outstanding UV performance, high clarity and controlled reversion.

ZENOLEX® provides superior outdoor serviceability and optical clarity, and is also available with textured surfaces.

With significantly greater impact resistance than glass, ZENOLEX® is used where extreme conditions call for a highly resilient product.

ZENOLEX® is the ideal choice for even the most demanding of applications.

Distributed exclusively in Australia and New Zealand by our distribution partner Mulford Plastics, ZENOLEX® is ideally suited in the areas of signage, transportation, building and construction, industrial guards, security glazing, telecommunications and many other applications.


We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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