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Product Quick Specs

Danpalon Polycarbonate is designed for architectural daylight applications.  It provides an exception quality of light, high thermal insulation, UV protection, high impact and weather resistance and is aesthetically pleasing.

Danpalon Multicell Polycarbonate comes in a huge range of colours and sizes – making it ultra-versatile.

Danpalon Multicell consists of a multicell design which gives it lower thermal conductivity, a higher resistance to impact and hail damage, and improved mechanical properties and rigidity. Its joining system consists of a vertical standing seam and U connectors to lock the sheets together – giving it superior water-tightness.

Danpalon is also available in a solid flat polycarbonate sheet – which is most like glass.

There are a huge range of product variations, including sheet thicknesses, colours and installation systems to make any area or project perfect.  Please browse through the product brochure or contact us to find out more.


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We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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