SUNTUF Beehive polycarbonate sheets are thicker and stronger. Featuring an embossed underside (prismatic) they create a gentler diffused light with a stunning visual appearance.



Suntuf Beehive Specifications

Suntuf Standard Suntuf SolarSmart Suntuf SolarSmart Selective
Colours Clear Cedar Bronze Solar Grey Opal Smooth Cream Diffused Grey Solar Ice Transparent Grey Sand Dune Metallic Jasper
Light Transmission 90 NA 12 NA NA NA  25 NA NA NA
HeatTransmission 88 NA 40  38
Shading Coefficient Ratio
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)
U Value Watts/m2K
13 years against weather breakage – including hail up to 25mm, 10 years against loss of light transmission

Suntuf Beehive Profile Specifications


Sheet Width 860 mm
Sheet Coverage 760 mm
Maximum End Spans  1100 mm
Maximum Mid Spans  1400 mm
Fixing Spacing on END SPANS  Every other rib
Fixing Spacing on MID SPANS  Every other rib on sides of sheet every 3rd in middle
Minimum Curve Radius 7000 mm
Available Sheet Sizes: 1.8m,   2.1m, 2.4m,   2.7m,   3.0m,   3.6m,   4.2m,   4.8m,   5.4m,   6.0m,   7.2m
Recommended Roof Slope: 5 Degrees

Beehive Colour Options

Suntuf Fixings

Clearfix screws have an inbuilt cutter to save you from pre-drilling.  They also include a polycarbonate specific dome washer to ensure a watertight fixing.

Clearfix Screw

Screws for Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing

Best suited to timber or light gauge metal structures – Multipurpose screw head

65 mm – is best suited to the corrugate beehive due to the extra thickness of the product.

If you have heavier metal structures, talk to us about alternatives to this option.

Suntuf – Things to note

  • Suntuf Beehive is thicker and therefore more resistance to hail damage.
  • Thicker sheeting allows for large spans – meaning less framework.
  • The ‘beehive’ effect will diffuse light reducing glare and making it more pleasant underneath.
  • Add a modern, sophisticated look to the practical and easy to use profiled sheeting.

As with all polycarbonate sheeting you will need to allow for expansion and contraction in the sheet, please click the link for the full installation guidelines.

Suntuf Beehive