Laserlite Custom Glaze

Custom Glaze offers a cost effective, modern look.  It utilises overlapping ribs to provide a water proof roofing material that is easy and cost-effective to install.

Custom Glaze requires a PURLIN AND RAFTER  design. Purlins can be a maximum spacings of 1500mm apart, but rafters MUST be at 610mm centres.

It has a recommended pitch of 5 degrees.  This equates to 88mm fall for every meter in length of sheet.  For example a 3.0m long sheet should fall 264mm.  3 x 88mm = 264mm.

Available in Clear, Diffused Opal and Grey.

Custom Glaze installation requirments

Custom Glaze Polycarbonate fixing details

Custom Glaze Profile Drawing

Custom Glaze Profile

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