Topglass Fibreglass Roofing

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Product Quick Specs

Topglass Fibreglass Roofing is manufactured in Australia for tough Australian conditions.  It sets the standard for fiberglass sheeting in the commercial and industrial roofing.  Topglass is perfectly suited to skylights with a large range of profiles and large spanning capabilities available in a range of options.


Fibreglass Roofing Sheet Options




– UV stabilised Commercial/Industrial grade reinforced translucent roofing

– 10 year warranty

Topglass Gel Coat (GC)

– 100 micron Gel coated translucent roofing for outstanding protections against solar deterioration.

– 25 Year warranty

Topclad GC

– 130 micron Gel Coated sheet with Solid colouring (opaque – won’t transmit light). Alternative to metal in corrosive environments.

Topglass FR50

–  translucent fibreglass sheeting for fire and smoke retardant applications.


– specialised heat reducing fibreglass sheeting while still allowing light transmission for ultra cool skylight applications.

Topglass GC Ultra-Safe

– utilising heavy-duty woven roving enclosed within the resin matrix which in turn provides a structural capability not normally available with traditional translucent roofing materials

Topglass SPF

– selects and singles out infrared (heat) plus harmful ultraviolet rays, there by preventing heat build-up and UV damage to Stock and Plant.

Twinskin Systems

– Two independent sheets of Topglass® are laid over each other to form an effective air gap between the sheets. Eliminating condensation drips, reduces noise and heat build up.

Topglass Fibreglass Roofing Applications

  • Roof and Wall lining for commercial and industrial buildings
  • public spaces requiring good UV protection
  • inline skylights
  • Food manufacturing buildings
  • Warehouses and food outlets storing food and fresh produce
  • Shopping centres and supermarkets
  • Bulk paper stores
  • Temperature sensitive environments that require high-quality, long-term natural lighting

Topglass Fibreglass Roofing Features and Benefits

  • Cost effective translucent roof sheeting 
  • Provides maximum visible light transmission whilst preventing unwanted solar transmission into a building.
  • Reduces energy and air-conditioning costs, along with the need for additional artificial lighting.
  • The sheet is aesthetically unique, providing innovative design characteristics for building designers.
  • Long-term effective light transmission.

Colour Specifications

Light Transmission (%)Solar Transmission (%)Light TransmissionSolar TransmissionLight TransmissionSolar Transmission
Topglass 2400 g/m2746558493322
Topglass 3660 g/m262584740NANA
Topglass GC 2400g/m2746584493322
Topglass GC 3660 g/m262584740NANA
Topglass FR50 2400g/ms746558493322
Topglass FR50 3660g/ms62584840NANA
Topglass GC ULTRA-SAFE 3660 g/m2615658494022

Fibreglass Installation Guide

Fibreglass Profiles

Maintenance Guide


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