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Product Quick Specs

SUNTUF Industrial offers multiple advantages over alternatives.

  • It will stand up to demanding exterior applications and maintain high light transmission for very long periods.
  • Used as in-plane skylight and sidelight into a multitude of profiled metal roofs.
  • SUNTUF panels form a complete shield against harmful UV rays while admitting most of the visible light.  Contributing to the conservation of energy and also improve the quality of the working environment.
  • The wide colour range of SUNTUF Industrial enables optimal specification of light and heat transmission
  • Commonly stocked profiles:
    • Kingklip – compatible with some Kliplok profiles
    • Spantuf – compatible with some Spandek profiles
    • Trimdek – compatible with other trimdek profiles.


Clarity: Natural, clear SUNTUF polycarbonate sheeting exhibits the clarity of glass, transmitting up to 90% of natural light.

Energy Saving: By transmitting natural daylight into the structure, SUNTUF skylights reduce energy consumption of electric lighting. Matching Any Profile Palram’s proprietary corrugation technology enables SUNTUF to be quickly matched into any given profile, opening infinite corrugation possibilities.

Strength: SUNTUF sheets, manufactured from polycarbonate are virtually unbreakable. SUNTUF is extremely resistant to impact, hail and loads.

Protection from Harmful UV Radiation: SUNTUF blocks over 99.9% of harmful UV radiation and completely protects from its harmful effects. A built in co-extruded layer protectes SUNTUF from chemical degradation, yellowing and colour loss by UV radiation.

Resistance to UV Radiation SUNTUF Industrial’s resistance to UV radiation is far superior to that of fibreglass. SUNTUF Industrial will not yellow, and retains it clarity for many years. Simulated UV exposure results are graphically shown on the right.


When fixing the polycarbonate sheeting to a structure it is important that you allow for ‘movement’ in the sheet as it expands and contracts. This can be done be pre-drilling a 10-12 mm oversized hole in the sheet for the screws to go through.

When sheets are used in high wind areas, with a low fall, or when there are larger spans between supports it is advisable to use stitching screws (every 300 mm) along the overlap. Sealing strips should also be used on side and end laps. Silicones are not recommended for Polycarbonate sheeting.

As a rule of thumb you will need 8 screws per lineal metre of sheeting.

Always ensure that the sheets are installed with the “this way up sticker” facing up – this is the side with the protective UV layer on the sheet, which stops the sheet from breaking down prematurely due to the effects of harmful UV. Sheets can be cut to length free of charge before dispatch , otherwise a fine tooth circular saw can be used. Click the link  for the full installation guide lines


ProfileKingklipTrimdek 1.25 mmSpantuf
Colours Opal ClearOpalSolar Ice White Diffuser Clear Opal
Light Transmission 45 9035 25 85 90 45
HeatTransmission 46 8046 33 80 46
Shading Coefficient Ratio
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) 0.88740.41760.2780.792
U Value Watts/m2K
10 years against weather breakage – including hail up to 25mm 10 years against loss of light transmission See brochure for full details


Sheet Width752822754
Sheet Coverage700760 700
Thickness 1.2 mm 1.25 mm1.0 mm
Maximum End Spans 1800 mm 1350 mm 1200 mm
Maximum Mid Spans  2100 mm 1800 mm 1500 mm
Fixing Spacing on END SPANS Every Rib Every Rib/Mid Span Every Rib
Fixing Spacing on MID SPANS Every Rib Every Rib Every 2nd Rib
Minimum Curve Radius17 000 mm11 000 mm12 000 mm
Available Sheet Sizes:1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m, 6.0m, 7.2m
Recommended Roof Slope:5 Degrees


We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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