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Product Quick Specs

SUNTUF Plus is a market leader for efficient greenhouse roofing around the world. Suntuf Plus promote ideal growing conditions for plants by maximising PAR light transmission and reducing light reflection and dripping caused by condensation.

SUNTUF Plus is a cost effective alternative to standard Greenhouse Plastic poly cladding.  It has the advantages of traditional polycarbonate with added benefits that create the best growing conditions, offering guaranteed elimination of condensation dripping and optimal PAR light transmission needed for plant growth.

SUNTUF Plus with the unique condensation control allows up to 30% light transmission increase at peak condensation periods. The sheet also reduces disease resulting from condensation dripping. SUNTUF Plus is offered with anti-condensation treatment on both sides for retractable greenhouse roofs.


SUNTUF PLUS Lap Clips or Side Lap Profiles are designed to prevent energy loss, prevent damage in extreme weather and improve seal against dust, insects and water penetration.  Click here for the brochure.

Suntuf Plus polycarbonate sheets are manufactured and/or imported to order.  Lead times and minimum order quantities apply in most situations.

Give us a call to discuss available profiles and sheeting types.


We have one of the most extensive range of polycarbonate products in Australia. Our team of experts are second to none and can advise you on the best solution for your project.

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