The Suntuf STANDARD Polycarbonate range is ideal for cost effective commercial solutions. The standard 0.8 mm thick sheets come in a range of standard profiles and colours.  Choose between the Standard, SolarSmart and SolarSmart Selective ranges to find a product that suits your requirements. All Suntuf Polycarbonate products give 99.9% UV protection under the harsh Australian sun.

For heavy duty options which are the most durable and suited to greater spans common in industrial applications, please view the Suntuf Industrial range.



Suntuf Roofing Range Specifications

Suntuf Standard Suntuf SolarSmart Suntuf SolarSmart Selective
Colours Clear Cedar Bronze Solar Grey Opal Smooth Cream Diffused Grey Diffused Ice Transparent Grey Sand Dune Metallic Jasper
Light Transmission 90 25 20 45 44 20 48 20 15 15
HeatTransmission 86 48 43 40 33 18 21 30 15 16
Shading Coefficient Ratio  1.0  0.56  0.52  0.54  0.38  0.35  0.33  0.45  0.35  0.30
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)  0.89  0.49  0.46  0.48  0.331 0.30  0.287  0.392  0.305  0.261
U Value Watts/m2K  5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8
10 years against weather breakage – including hail up to 25mm 10 years against loss of light transmission

Suntuf Roofing Profile Specifications




Suntuf Corro sheet polycarbonate Suntuf Roofing Greca Sheets Trimdek Suntuf Sheeting
Not available in SolarSmart or SolarSmart Selective in the Domestic Range
Sheet Width 860 mm 810 mm 822 mm
Sheet Coverage 760 mm 760 mm 760 mm
Maximum End Spans  800 mm  900 mm  900 mm
Maximum Mid Spans  1000 mm  1200 mm  1200 mm
Fixing Spacing on END SPANS  Every other ridge   Every other ridge  Every Rib
Fixing Spacing on MID SPANS  Every other ridge on the sides of the sheet and every 3rd in middle  Every other ridge on the sides of the sheet and every 3rd in middle  Every Rib
Minimum Curve Radius 4000 mm 4000 mm  11 000 mm
Available Sheet Sizes: 1.8m,  2.4m,  3.0m,   3.6m,   4.2m,   4.8m,   5.4m,   6.0m,   7.2m
Recommended Roof Slope: 5 Degrees


Polymate Screw


Recommended for Metal

50mm long – Suitable for all profiles

Clearfix Screws

Screws for Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing

Recommended for timber or light gauge metal

50 mm for Corro or Greca profiles and 65 mm for Trimdek

Both screw assemblies have a cutter to make an over sized hole and include an EPDM rubber dome washers for a watertight seal.

Things to note

  • As the temperature changes polycarbonate will expand and contract. It is important to allow for the sheet to ‘move’ as this process occurs – otherwise the sheet can become damaged.
    • This can be done be pre-drilling a 10 mm oversized hole in the sheet for the screws to go through.  Alternatively, Suntuf CLEARFIX or POLYMATE screws have a cutter on every screw which means that it takes no extra time to install them.
    • It is also important not to over tighten the screw and deform the sheet profile.
  • When estimating how many screws you will need – 7 screws per lineal metre of sheeting is a good guide.
  • Polycarbonate is generally not compatible with silicone – talk to us about other options.
  • Always ensure that the sheets are installed with the correct side facing up, this stops the sheet from breaking down prematurely due to the effects of harmful UV.
  • Sheets can be cut to length free of charge before dispatch , otherwise a fine tooth circular saw can be used.

Click the link for the full installation guide lines