SUNGLAZE Architectural System is cleaver in design, with a beautiful aesthetic. It is adaptable to a myriad of applications, requires little maintenance and offers long term performance in any architectural application. SUNGLAZE combines a standing-seam profiling on the edges of the polycarbonate with glazing bars that enable wide spans and high loading capacity. It can be specified in various lengths to match different structures, including flat and curved designs.



Sunglaze Architectural System

SUNGLAZE is simple to install, using aluminum profiles to lock the sheets into place. The aluminium profiles are screwed to the structure without any penetration through the polycarbonate panels, meaning that the sheets are free to expand and contract as required – while providing a strong watertight finish.

For any given thickness, the “U” value of SUNGLAZE is lower than that of glass. This provides a 6.5-9% reduction in energy expenditure both for heating in winter and air-conditioning during the summer time.  Note that the use of SolarSmart™ panels will partially block heat generating infra-red solar energy, which will further assist in reducing the air-conditioning costs during summer time – perfect for Australian conditions.

Main Benefits

  • Glass-like clear appearance, without the weight of glass
  • Standing seam leak-proof performance
  • System allows for thermal expansion of sheets
  • Caulking and silicone free installation
  • Withstands high wind loads loads
  • Easy, fast and safe installation
  • Minimal maintenance

Typical Applications

  • Architectural projects
  • Commercial and retail
  • Sports venues roofing
  • Covered walkways
  • Open markets
  • Service stations
  • Entrances
  • Pool covers

Australian stock is limited to:

4 mm thick x 800 mm

Available colours are Clear, Solar Grey, Solar Ice, Solar Control and Solar Olympic

Additional colours and thickness/widths can be purchased pending lead times and job quantities.

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