DURASHIELD 6130 Cyclone Rated Industrial Roofing. Durashiled is an opaque PVC profiled roofing and cladding.  Durashield will NOT corrode in the harshest salt or chemical environments and is highly resistance to chemicals.  Used worldwide in the industrial and agricultural areas, it offers a practical, easy to install, low maintenance and COOL solution.



Main Benefits

  • Durashield 6130 – Cyclone Rated Industrial Roofing
  • LHL cyclonic testing
  • Standard thickness of 3.0 mm
  • Larger spans
  • Non corrosive
  • Fire Resistance – DURASHIELD is self-extinguishing
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – DURASHIELD withstands a wide variety of chemicals, making it ideal for applications in chemically aggressive environments.
  • UV and Weather Resistant – Offering long service periods in cold or hot climates
  • Flexible – Suitable for curved roofing.
  • Insulating – Heat buildup is reduced in comparison with metal roofing, which creates a cooler and more friendly environment within the structure.
  • Minimum Maintenance – Freedom from high maintenance and frequent roofing replacement.
  • High Impact Strength – Resisting hail, wind and snow loads.
Cyclone Rated Industrial Roofing Cyclonic non Corrosive chemical resistant Industrial agricultural roofing cladding


In addition to it inherent properties (listed below) Durashield 6130 has passed LHL cyclonic testing making it suitable for use in cyclonic regions.


Industrial and Chemical Plants

Durashield is ideally suited to use in Chemical storage, warehouses, service sheds, conveyors and maintenance halls.

Costal Structures

The non-corrosive properties of Durashield make it an ideal choice for the salty atmosphere in seaside locations.


The non-corrosive properties of Durashield make it an ideal choice for applications where roofing/cladding may come into contact with a wide range of minerals, which would otherwise cause rusting and corrosion to metal products.

Agriculture and Livestock

Durashield has extremely low thermal conductivity making it an excellent choice when temperature control is important. It can also withstand the gases that are often present in large scale livestock environments.

Durashield comes in a range of profiles to suit your structure, download the brochure for full product details, or call us with your question.