Danpalon Polycarbonate is the complete day lighting solution offering exceptional quality of light, thermal insulation and UV protection with a rich non-industrial visual appeal. The heart of the Danpalon System is The Standing Seam Connection Method. This technical superiority is appreciated through a wide range of quality installations throughout the world. The Danpalon System includes accessories to produce louvers, ‘frameless’ roofs, interior feature walls, and light controlling areas


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Danpalon – Traditional

Your choice of SOLID or MULTICELL polycarboante sheets combined with the basic Danpalon system; consisting of either polycarbonate or aluminium U connectors to join your sheets.

DANPALON polycarbonate Traditional Brochure img

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Interiors

Using Danpalon Multicell Polycarbonate you can brighten up you internal areas.  With a variety of fixing options for both vertical and horizontal fixing, with single or double skin.

Danpalon Interiors Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Louvre Systems

Use any of the standard Danpalon polycarbonate sheets can be made in stylish and easy to install louvers with this system.

Danpalon Louvre System Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Seamless Facades

The Seamless Facades system allow for simple and elegant use of Danpalon Polycarbonate products as walls for the external areas – allowing you to make your building or area unique while providing functional and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Danpalon Seamless Facades Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Freespan System

The Freespan Rafter system incorporates specialised rafters to suit the Danpalon sheeting and allow beautiful open spaces with large spans.

Danpalon Freespan Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Solarspace™ System

This rafter system give a ‘frameless’ look by  incorporating specialised rafters to suit the Danpalon sheeting that sit above the sheeting – giving you a clean flat finish on the underside of the sheet while allowing greater flexibility with spans..

Danpalon Solarspace Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Stadiums

Products for the big stage.

Danpalon Stadiums Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – SpaceTruss System

Nothing spans easier!  For free spans up up to 45m.

Danpalon Spacetruss Brochure IMG

Danpalon Polycarbonate – Controlite

The intelligent daylighting system.  The durable, one-piece, twin-wall polycarbonate glazing panels features integrated RotaBlades – allowing you to automatically control the balance between light and heat at anytime.

Danpalon Controlite Brochure IMG

Danpalon – 3D LITE

3D LITE presents a static, cost-effective solution for balancing daylight.  A combination of opaque and translucent louvers inside the panel provide balanced light throughout the day, allowing more natural daylight during the morning and afternoon while reducing heat gain in the middle of the day.

 Danpalon 3DLite Brochure IMG