We have a huge range of commercial polycarbonate sheeting to suit your architectural, commercial, agricultural, mining and Corrosion free needs.

Profiled Polycarbonate Sheeting

Available in a range of transparent or translucent options in a range of profiles

Suntuf Commercial polycarbonate sheeting profile corrugated

Suntuf Polycarbonate standard sheets offer a cost effective solution for a range of commercial installations. Available in a common profiles and a wide range of colours to provide different levels of lighting or heat reduction.  All Suntuf sheets come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Laserlite Commercial Polycarbonate sheeting clear corrugated

The standard 0.8 mm thick Laserlite Polycarbonate range offers a cost effective range for your commercial needs. Choose Laserlite 3000 for heat reduction or Laserlite 2000 for economical performance and reliability. Laserlite offers a limited lifetime Gold or Platinum Warranty.

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Suntuf Industrial commercial Polycarbonate sheeting Skylights warehouse lighting

SUNTUF Industrial and commercial polycarbonate products are designed to be used for roof skylights and walling sidelights with a wide range of metal roofing profiles.  Suntuf Industrial Polycarbonates offer superior performance over their alternatives. SUNTUF panels form a complete shield against harmful UV rays while admitting most of the visible light. The panels contribute to conservation of energy and improve the quality of the working environment. There are a range of stocked colours to suit your lighting and heat reduction requirements and a range of profiles to match commonly used industrial metal solutions.

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Suntuf Plus Polycarbonate sheeting Greenhouse

SUNTUF Plus sets the standard for efficient greenhouse roofing. A special condensation coating on the sheeting eliminates condensation drip and ensures optimal PAR light transmission, creating optimum nurturing conditions for plants. Available in a range of profiles and finishes to suit your needs. Read more

TOPGLASS Fibreglass is available in a range of grades, colours and thicknesses to suit almost any commercial and industrial application. Read more

Flat Polycarbonate Sheeting

Flat Sheet Profiles copy
Sunlite Twinwall Polycarbonate Commercial Application

SUNLITE Twinwall Polycarbonate sheeting offer the impact resistance and strength of polycarbonate with improved insulation from its twinwall structure, while remaining cost effective. Aesthetically, it provides a clean flat surface that will separate it from any standard profiled sheet, while creating light. This makes SUNLITE a good choice for a wide range of commercial structures. Read More


Danpalon Polycarbonate sheeting is available in multicell or solid sheets. With a wide range of structural systems that adapt Danpalon sheets to fit seamlessly with your needs.

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Sunpal Multi Polycarbonate Commercial Image

SUNPAL Multi is an advanced multiwall polycarbonate panel system that combines proven design, light transmission, thermal insulation and strength. It offers a lightweight, leak-proof design that withstands very high loads and accommodates expansion and contraction. The system’s distinct advantages make it ideal for long-term application on many types of projects. As with any true architectural glazing system, SUNPAL Multi is appropriate for a variety of roofing and cladding designs, flat or curved. Read More

SUNGLAZE is an architectural system comprising of a robust 4mm thick solid sheet with proprietary glazing and standing-seam profiling, allowing for long open spans and high loads.  The glass look without the weight or cost. Read more

Palsun Polycarbonate

PALSUN flat solid polycarbonate sheet combines ultra-high impact resistance with clarity, making it the material of choice for demanding applications. PALSUN is virtually unbreakable, yet it is transparent as glass at less than half its weight. PALSUN can be cold bent and easily fabricated and formed, making it ideal for barrel vault roofing, skylights, architectural roofing and glazing. Clear, translucent and opaque PALSUN sheets are also ideal as machine guards, sound barriers, anti-vandal and safety glazing. PALSUN Diffuser and LB sheets are extensively used in durable light boxes. Read more

Makrolon (General Purpose) Polycarboante is suitable for a wide range of indoor uses, where it is not exposed to UV light. For outdoor use Makrolon UV, includes a protective UV coating on both sides of the sheet prolonging the sheets life. The Makrolon AR (abrasion Resistant) and Makrolon Hygard sheets offer hard wearing or bullet proof solutions. Read more

Lexan Dome Shopping

Lexan Polycarbonate is available in a range of varieties and is suitable for a wide range of uses. Read more



DURASHIELD opaque corrugated PVC panel offers a durable, all-round roofing solution, combining excellent resistance to chemicals, fire and impact. It has evolved into the high quality product of today based on the results of almost 50 years of service. DURASHIELD is lightweight and extremely easy to handle and install using conventional tools and requires very little maintenance. DURASHIELD has been widely used for industrial roofing for over 50 years. This durable PVC sheet withstands harsh chemical environments where conventional roofing quickly becomes corroded or attacked, a quality that makes it ideal for long term use in demanding industrial and coastal applications. More Information

Cyclone rated industrial cladding and roofing Corrosion resistant

Durashield 6130 Cyclone Rated Industrial Roofing all the benefits of Durashield but now with cyclone rating.   More Information

Metal Insulated Sheeting


SOLARIS Insulated Roofing Panels are composed of a foam layer sandwiched between two layers of Colourbond Steel Sheet – this makes it the coolest metal roofing product available on the market. More Information